Sunday Mass 3-12-2023

This week David presents Merlin Bobb and Raphie Rosario! A show not to be missed!

Louie Vega On Twitch 3-5-2023

Download Audio:

Special pop-up show by Louie Vega on Twitch! Missed the first hour but was able to grab the last 3. See the video or download the audio! Louie was getting real with the classics, don’t miss it. 

Sunday Mass 3-5-2023

Hot, HOT show this week! David kicked it straight for 5 hours, now on video! See the show right here or download the audio.

Sunday Mass 2-12-2023

Continuing with their 3rd year anniversary this week David presents the one, the only, the OG Maestro Louie Vega! Was Louie throwing it down? Take a listen and see! 7 1/2 hours of mostly classics thrown down by David and pure fire by Louie!

Roots NYC Live on WBLS 2-3-2023

Early Saturday morning action with Kevin Hedge and Louie Vega! Get your #RootsNYC right here.

Sunday Mass 1-29-2023

This week David presents “Triple Threat” Ultra Naté and Stan Zeff! 5 and a half hours of non-stop heat!

Roots NYC Live on WBLS 1-29-2023

Yet another hot set by Kevin and Louie this week. Sacude!

Roots NYC Live on WBLS 1-13-2023

Continuing the New Year’s cheer, Roots NYC Live for 1-13-2023.

Roots NYC Live on WBLS 4-15-2022

Mobile download instructions HERE.

Roots NYC Live on WBLS 4-8-2022

Mobile download instructions HERE.