Mobile Download Instructions

Thank you for visiting and using undergroundNYC! Due to the termendous traffic we’ve been getting, our web server and podcast server are being overrun with traffic and you may experience slow download times. Please use the [Download] button because this is on an FTP server and will deliver the file up to 100x faster.

Unfortunately as of 8/2/14 only one browser (that we know of) supports FTP downloads. That would be FireFox Mobile. We are uncertain if Safari supports FTP at this time. So if you have Windows Mobile or an Android device, go to your respective “store” (app center) and download the FireFox browser.

For Android go here:

Once installed, open you apps and navigate to the FireFox icon:


Navigate to


The FireFox player opens. Press and hold on the player:


Choose the ‘Save Audio’ option:



Go to your download folder and either move it to your music folder or play it from there.