Transmission Easement Agreements

Based on the auditor`s market research and other factors, NEXUS determines the value (or remuneration) of the necessary permanent and temporary service fees. Once the measures were completed and a final route was established, our highway rights officers negotiated easement agreements with each landowner to compensate them for the right to use part of their property for the construction, operation and maintenance of the pipeline. Damage – Nexus pays for damage to structures, landscaping or decorative trees directly affected by the construction of the facilities, in accordance with the service rules or related agreements. NEXUS repairs such drainages, fences, roads, roads and driveways and restores the land as close as possible to its pre-construction contours. If future maintenance operations are required in terms of the easement, NEXUS compensates landowners for damages related to this activity. YCWA must have performed the Narrows Primary Transmission Line Easement (unless the easement is created by a reserve in the deed). Easement is a legal right of a third party to use part of the property for specific and limited purposes. A right of way generally refers to a corridor of servitude by the property of a person, typically a causeway, a railway, an electric transmission line or, in this case, an underground pipeline. Nexus retains the services of an independent real estate auditor with professional qualifications and familiarity with the project area prior to the commencement of negotiations on new indeterminate service rights. The auditor develops a market study of land value based on recent sales in municipalities where the pipeline route is proposed or extended. If permanent and/or temporary service fees are required, a Way agent reviews the calculated values with the landowner in order to obtain the easement and enter into an agreement on compensation. Since it is important to us that all landowners understand the proposed features of the pipeline and project, our track officers met with landowners individually to answer their questions and allay concerns. This specific grant of the transmission line in favor of the United States of America, as recorded in Sheet 96331, page 11, Estate Registrations of Limestone County, Alabama.

From the early phases of the project to its completion, NEXUS is committed to treating each affected owner honestly, with integrity and fairness. We work closely with each landowner to ensure that all activities – from route selection, construction to restoration and operation – have minimal impact and disruption to their property and daily lives. In the initial phases of the project, each landowner with land located in a proposed study corridor was contacted by a priority officer to request permission to measure the pipeline`s preliminary route for environmental, engineering and construction assessments. NEXUS fairly compensates each landowner for two distinct aspects of the property: at the request of the borrower and subject to the procedures set out in Article V of the Multilateral Agency Agreement, the collateral agent executes and provides the documents, which are reasonably necessary to ensure the commutation easement, the transmission easement and the unit II and Shared Facilities parcels of the mortgage pledge right, which weighs on these goods. Service Fee – NEXUS pays fair market value for the enduring rights and interests acquired when it crosses the property of the landowner. NEXUS also pays a rental value for any additional land rights temporarily needed to be used during construction. It is essentially impossible to lock for the following reasons: – Lies entirely in a 200` wide SMUD transmission easement. .

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