Special Conditions Agreement Meaning

ORDER CONFIRMATIONThe supplier confirms the acceptance of the order within (3) calendar days of receipt of the order to the buyer who processes the order. All deviations from the order document are presented in a written letter of transmittal. Failure by the Buyer to accept the Order within fourteen (7) calendar days of the date of the Order or prior to shipment of the Goods shall be deemed to be full acceptance of the Order and all its terms and conditions by the Supplier. The terms and conditions of the contract apply to each Request for Bid (RFP), Tender (RFB) or any other Request for Bid (RFPs or RFQ) issued by the Government of South Africa. The latest version of these conditions is the July 2010 version published by the National Ministry of Finance. They contain the general legal conditions applicable to the contract that arrives at places where the government gives you the opportunity. Similarly, clauses that provide that the buyer purchases with full knowledge of the state of repair of a used house are useless, since this is covered by the reserve rule and only leads to the question why the particular condition was inserted. . .


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