Generic Farm Lease Agreement

This ground lease (this “lease”) is entered into and entered into on January 22, 2008 by and between the lessor and the tenant, as described in the basic information below. Owners and tenants agree in the following way: article. AgDM Decision Tool C2-01, Estimated Returns by Farm Lease Arrangement, can be used to estimate the income of a landlord and tenant under different leases, including cash rental, flexible rental, harvest share or a custom farm contract. Figure 1 shows the share of risk for tenants and landowners based on the nature of the tenancy agreement. Career Lease This quarry lease (this “Lease”) takes effect in 2004 and is from and between Larry Hooper and Pennie J. Hooper, husband and wife (the “Hoopers”), whose address p.o. box 2624, deming, nm 88070, et st. Tenants can rent a technique to professional farm managers who regularly provide written reports to their clients…

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