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(gg) Space Charter Agreement: an agreement between common sea carriers under which a carrier (or carrier) undertakes to provide maritime space for use by another carrier (or other carriers) in exchange for compensation or services. The agreement may include provisions on the replacement of equipment and the receipt/delivery of freight, but shall not include capacity rationalization within the meaning of this Subsection. (c) In accordance with the requirements and instructions set out in Annex B to this Part, the Parties to an Agreement subject to Point C of Part 2 of Section I of the Monitoring Report shall provide a written statement on any significant reductions in the ship`s capacity that the Parties implement under the Agreement. The term “significant reduction” is defined in Appendix B. The narrative statement must be submitted to the Director of the Bureau of Trade Analysis no later than 15 days after the parties have agreed on a substantial reduction in the vessel`s capacity, but before the actual reduction under the agreement is implemented. Identify whether the agreement allows the parties to charter or use the maritime space in exchange for compensation or services. That power shall not include the rationalisation of capacity referred to in point (E) of Part 4 of this Section. (1) Less than 30 per cent if all the parties are members of another agreement in the same sector or subcontractor of activity, including one of the authorities referred to in Article 535.502 (b); or (vi) details of the following issues between the parties: insurance, dispute resolution procedures related to loss and/or deterioration of cargo and force majeure clauses; The rules, rules and tariffs set out in this Tariff apply to all handling, connection or access agreements between the carrier and the participating carrier. Any connecting or feeder carrier participating in handling agreements has agreed to abide by the rules, rules, tariffs and routes set out therein and governed by a carrier-link agreement between the parties. (a) the law requires that agreements be processed and reviewed at the time of their first submission in accordance with strict legal deadlines. This part aims to define procedures for the orderly and prompt examination of contracts submitted in accordance with legal requirements. (4) The initial date of entry into force of the Treaty at each revision of the first page. (a) each conference agreement establishes the conference`s independent action (“IA”) procedures, which provide that each conference member may take independent action at each tariff or service post with a period not exceeding five calendar days and, if not, in accordance with Section 5(b)(8) of the 46 U.S.

Act. C. 40303 (b) (8)) 2. A conference agreement shall not give notice of the acceptance, revocation, postponement, annulment or adoption of similar measures for autonomous acts. (c) in order to achieve the objective of speeding up the processing and verification of agreements at the time of their first submission, agreements must meet certain minimum formal requirements. These requirements are intended to ensure expedited review and to assist the parties in preparing agreements. These formal requirements do not affect the content of an agreement and are intended to give the parties the freedom to develop innovative trade relations and to provide efficient and economical transport systems. (b) A request for accelerated review shall be considered for an agreement whose 45-day waiting period has started again after being stopped by a request for additional information. .

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