Which Sentence Has Proper Subject-Verb Agreement Grandma And Aunt Louise

Can one of his own help me not to be sure that my answers are correct? 1.Which sentence contains a pluralistic collective noun? one. The team was scheduled to play Sunday. B.The host team put on its uniforms. C.The crowd was ready to start the game. D. I`m in college and English has never been my strongest class. So I wondered if anyone was going to look over my work and see if it was fair, and if it wasn`t suggestions for repair. Thank you in advance. Each of the following sentences has one which is the predicate of this question? An African bird is called a honey master. The predicate in each sentence is the verb and all that accompanies it (adverbial sets and sentences). Usually the subject (and everything that goes with it, if ever) Choose the right statement: A) The predicate of the sentence is the part that says something about the subject, and it always contains a verb. B) The predicate of the sentence is the part that says something about the subject, and it is sometimes what sentence is verb-arrangement subject? Peer editing academic sewing works require critical thinking and diplomacy. Peer editing academic sewing works require critical thinking and diplomacy.

Subject-verb relationship Which sentence indicates a true subject-verb agreement? (1 point) Each friend brings gifts for Harper`s party. Not many people know how to ski. Everyone takes life jackets at boarding. Each of the musicians is 2, what sentence has a real verb accord subject? 1.niether harper still finns are the 2.Missouri and Illinois details are known states along the Mississippi River. 3. Either you or I am responsible for cleaning the house this afternoon. 4.Hope, peace and love are within everyone`s reach. 3.The boat that belongs to Fred generates big waves. What is the sentence? 1.waves created Fred Boot 4.Which sentence displays the correct subject-verb arrangement? The herds of beef are huge! The library staff are very helpful. My stamp collection is extensive.

The crew of the workers finishes the job. 5.What sentence contains a gelatin? While playing baseball with his friends, he decided he needed a new racket and a new glove. A pastime of people who enjoy summer is small league baseball games at Hometown Park. Some baseball teams have succeeded because they acquire players who reach their highest potential. The number one leader in the races for his team is first to beat in today`s game. Hello miss sue it would not suit me the rest of the questions, but if you did the test for me pls I really need help I just need the rest of the test answers there should be 14 questions thank you:) im really lost on this lesson this is once ive made this so pls ireally need help directions:Correct if need the following sentence, which is given under the rule:Language included talking about perple with disability and diseases. (1) His brother`s friend is a victim of AIDS. The problem is the word “sacrifice.” Can you rewrite the sentence I need to find the error in these sentences? 1. Both are happy.

He has a subject and a verb. I got lost. 2. This morning I watch TELEVISION before I come here. .. must know if they are subject-verb agreement, run-on, verb and tension or fragment. Please 5. Identify the simple theme in the phrase “There are too many people in this elevator.” A.

A lot of people B.C. There D. Elevator I chose B because people are the subject and the verb. The verb is thus placed in front of the subject, since the theme of PLEASE HELP ME: C Which sentence is the right one? (1 point) a. The parking area was re-approved this summer. B. The sidewalks of the courtyards are decorated with chalk.

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