Tamuk Financial Agreement

I can choose to pay my assets on or before the payment due date and/or use financial assistance to pay my full balance. The College of Arts and Sciences and the Biology Program at Texas A-M University-Kingsville and Midland College enter into a two-and-a-half-year agreement with biology programs that leads to the Bachelor of Biology. Details of the agreement are shown in the links below. If you have any questions to complete these forms, please contact us at 361-593-5372 or e-mail financial.aid@tamuk.edu I recognize that by signing this agreement, Texas A-M University-Kingsville has the right to register me for the staggered payment option described in PAYMENT OPTION 2 if I make the minimum payment required, but the online registration process cannot be done via MoneyConnect. Texas A-M – Kingsville (www.tamuk.edu) is a state university in Kingsville, Texas. The university has programs in engineering, agriculture, wildlife, music and science and has developed the country`s first phD in bilingual education. I understand that repayments are determined by the total amount of half-yearly credit hours recorded at the time of payment. The percentages of payment apply to the total amount of tuition and fees for the semester, in accordance with national law and not the amount paid. As far as I know, it is my responsibility to formally inform the chancellery and follow the appropriate procedures in the event of withdrawal from the university. Non-payment of fees, non-acceptance or obtaining financial assistance, non-participation in teaching or refusal of financial assistance do not constitute an official withdrawal from the University of Texas A-M Kingsville. I authorize the use of Title IV grants and/or grants to finance non-institutional costs (e.g. B parking permits, parking penalties, late charges, etc.). I understand that I can revoke this non-financial assistance authorization at any time at non-institutional marginal costs by sending a written notification to the Texas A-M University-Kingsville Business Office.

Texas A-M-Kingsville Students are informed of missing documents via their university email account. The instructions on these forms must be carefully followed; Inaccurate or incomplete information causes delays in processing the application. Applications for financial assistance are only considered complete when all necessary forms have been submitted to the Scholarship Office. I understand that if I receive financial support (scholarships, federal loans, grants or third-party payments) before the payment plan due date, it will apply to all arrears due for the semester.

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