Prenuptial Agreement Connecticut

The Connecticut Premarital Agreement Act allows marital agreements to discuss all of the following: Finally, a marital agreement can help a couple ensure the best possible outcome in the event of a divorce, which is not so unlikely. Although the often cited statistics that half of marriages end in divorce have proved to be false, the risk of divorce remains relatively high for modern couples. According to the New York Times, a study suggests that more than a third of marriages will end in divorce. Your marriage is a legally binding contract; It`s also your marital agreement. The marriage agreement governs in part the dissolution of your marriage. You can save unnecessary time, heart pain and legal fees by working with a lawyer at the CT mediation centre. We make sure that your marriage is legally valid by avoiding these too frequent pitfalls: pre-marital agreements are high-tech documents; If you`re dealing with large assets, high incomes or high-level situations, it`s important that your agreement contains all the important languages and protections you need. Our firm has the experience and the way of thinking to get an agreement that protects you with the appropriate advice, disclosure and transparency. It is also necessary to think about how your future spouse will react if you are the one asking for the agreement.

Marital agreements can resolve sensitive issues and decisions and you should be prepared for the bad negotiations that may arise. While a marital agreement may not completely eliminate the financial burdens associated with divorce, it can help couples avoid unnecessary losses. A marital agreement is simply a roadmap that you must follow when your marriage ends in divorce. It is there to protect the rights of two people before they become an integrated whole. Your marriage agreement determines how you allocate your finances. It also includes specific provisions that are unique to your situation. You`re getting married, congratulations. Now take the next big step: preparing a marriage pact.

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