Phoenixville Collective Bargaining Agreement

In a school district press release, school board president Josh Gould said, “I appreciate the PAEA taking the initiative to request early interviews. With this agreement and the agreement ratified last fall, we continue to maintain a balance between taxes as low as possible, rewarding our current teachers for the quality of their work and the district`s competitiveness in terms of pay and benefits, so that we can continue to attract the best teachers. The new collective agreement, which will come into force from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2016, essentially continues the terms of the recently ratified contract, which is in effect until June 30, 2014, with some notable changes. Collective agreements include, according to the Foundation, district-sponsored health plans for large medical, prescription, dental and, in most cases, life insurance. As a general rule, people who opt for a plan not funded by the counties receive a lump sum payment. Teachers have planned options across the country with a number of franchises and co-countries. Employment contracts are generally negotiated behind closed doors, says the Foundation, which considers itself “the free market of Pennsylvania.” He has released an online employment contract database for each school district. In districts with pacts that require a contribution to bonuses, teachers pay according to the terms of thought in one of three different ways: a fixed annual contribution, a percentage of the cost of the bonus and a percentage of salary. A report released last month by the Commonwealth Foundation highlights what Pennsylvania teachers contribute to their health insurance premiums. The review of employment contracts in each of the state`s 500 school districts shows that minimum health teacher contributions are everywhere. The Foundation`s analysis showed that the average cost for a teacher who made a fixed annual fee was $649. On average, teachers who paid a percentage of premiums contributed 9.54 percent of the cost of the bonus and workers who paid a percentage of salary paid 1.95 percent of their salary.

Happy teachers in about 99 school districts, including four in the Philadelphia area – do not contribute to their health premiums. (See tables below. Here`s a look at the four local school districts where teachers don`t contribute to their health premiums, followed by a full list of Philadelphia school districts and the four surrounding counties: the new contract between the Phoenixville Area School District teachers` union and the PASD Board was ratified last week. It was only after the vote that the details were published.

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