Otelo Vertrag verlängern handy

Welcher otelo Smartphone-Tarif am besten zu dir passt, hängt von deinem individuellen Anspruch und Surf-Verhalten ab. Wenn du auf der Suche nach der günstigsten Option bist und dafür ein etwas geringeres Datenvolumen in Kauf nimmst, dann empfehlen wir dir unseren Einsteiger-Tarif: Die Allnet-Flat Go. Ideal, wenn du kein Poweruser bist, aber auf eine zuverlässige und schnelle Verbindung sowie eine Telefon- und SMS-Flat nicht verzichten willst. Buchen kannst du deinen individuellen Smartphone-Tarif ganz schnell und unkompliziert online: Wähle dein bevorzugtes monatliches Datenvolumen, entscheide dich anschließend für eine Variante mit oder ohne neues Smartphone, gib deine persönlichen Daten ins Bestellformular ein und wir kümmern uns um eine blitzschnelle Ausführung deines Auftrags. Hello there Nicole. I am wondering if you have found a good SIM-Only contract as I too am in the same position as you (Staying in Germany for 3+ years). The communications sector is made up of companies that make communication possible on a global scale, whether that’s through the phone, internet, airwaves or cables. These companies allow data – in the form of words, voice, audio or video – to be sent anywhere in the world. 2. Cancel your contract and request portability after termination As shown below, the speed in Timmendorfer Strand was 12.44Mbps down and 4.66Mbps up. That’s fast enough for pretty much anything I’m likely to do on my phone. As already mentioned, no basic fee does not mean that the user does not incur any costs.

The feature “without a basic fee” only says that there are no monthly fixed costs. For the SIM card, the providers usually charge a one-off amount of around EUR 10, and there is often a similar starting amount for the users. Active use of tariffs ?? So make calls, text and surf? the providers bill individually. While the prices for outgoing minutes of calls and SMS are usually customary at 9 cents per unit, the use of mobile internet is sometimes in the office. The megabyte price is like 24 cents or more ?? the stream of a 45-minute podcast quickly becomes a cost trap. The solution: additional options such as a daily flat rate or a small contingent of surfing volume ?? here the offers differ from provider to provider. A common feature of mobile phone contracts without a basic fee is that they can usually be terminated at short notice. What exactly happens in the first scenario: do I get it right that in that case I get the number which I can use with another carrier, but I still need to pay monthly fees to my old carrier until the contract actually expires? Hello Greg, Keep calling the Vodafone customer service.

Some of their employees might not know how to handle a case like yours. Unfortunately, you do not necessarily have a legal right for the contract to be cancelled early. If they do not want to terminate your contract, ask them for a contract hold/pause. We once had a client who went to Hong Kong and Vodafone paused his contract for 6 months. Sometimes they will switch your contract to a basic version that is free. So your contract is still running but you don’t have to pay a monthly fee. Hope this helps! I am using Vodafone and I think Vodafone has the worst service in Germany specially for people, who doesn’t speak German.

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