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We’d like to take this opportunity hope everyone had a very merry holiday season and peace and prosperity in the new year.

Please consider donating to us. Any amount is welcome and your support ensures the music continues uninterrupted. Please click the button to donate! Transactions are in the name “Identiscreen” which is our PayPal business name.

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  • LadyLucky17

    Hey Nestor,
    Are you having space issues on your site or just need money to keep it going? If you need space, maybe you can start taking off the oldest shows, or putting them in zip format.

    Thanks again!

    • Not space but transfer. Sometime we go over the limit and that’s a little expensive. I self host so space is no issue.

      • rasjrbr

        Is this why you took the RSS out of the podcast and it cannot be downloaded via overcast (iOS)?

        • That’s part of it but I will be updating the RSS feed soon. I need an app to update the feed automatically but also have to mind the bandwidth. We’ll have it up and 100% soon.

          • Roque Santos Junior

            How much do you need to maintain the RSS?

  • Thank you EVERYONE for your continued support! It really helps and is very much appreciated.